Tuesday, January 3, 2017   It is with deepest regret that the Washingtonville Fire Department announces the passing of Past Chief Charles I. Decker Jr. Charlie served as Chief of Department from 1998-2000 and was instrumental in making the department what it is today. He always had a smile on his face whether it was greeting someone he never met or just busting chops on guys around the firehouse. Charlie will be missed by everyone here in the FD. Please keep his family in your prayers.

Services are as follows:

Visitation will be Sunday January 8, 2017 from 12-4 pm at Donovan Funeral Home located at 82 South Church Street, Goshen , NY 10924.

A funeral mass will be held Monday January 9, 2017 at 10 am at St Mary's Roman Catholic Church located on Goshen Ave in Washingtonville.




Saturday, December 10, 2016   Just before 5:30 am E580 and TA577 were dispatched to a working house fire on Sycamore Drive in Salisbury Mills. E580, TA577 and all 3 chiefs responded immediately as crews were in quarters. E580 arrived 2nd due and operated as a truck company on the second floor. Due to the quick line placement by first due SMFD E560 the fire was confined to the attic, 2 rooms on the second floor and the exterior wall. Units from Washingtonville remained on scene for just over an hour.




Friday, December 2, 2016  Just after 1:00AM Washingtonville was dispatched for the FAST to a working house fire on Byrnes Road in the Monroe Fire District. R-581, Car 2 (Hearn) and Car 3 (Bates) responded with 8 members within 2 minutes of dispatch. Upon arrival Monroe units had the bulk of the fire knocked down in the garage of a 1.5 story cape cod, but were still battling pockets of fire within the house as well as opening knee walls on the second floor. 3 members from R-581 were used to open up on the 1st floor as well as to perform a search of the basement while the remainder of the crew ensured egress points and stood by on side 1 as the FAST. Units from Washingtonville remained on scene for just over an hour before being released by command.




Sunday, October 23, 2016   Early Sunday morning units from Kiryas Joel and surrounding communities were dispatched to a fire in an apartment building. Our FAST is normally on the 2nd alarm for this area, but due to a computer problem was not diospatched until 20 minutes into the incident. R-581, Car 2 and Car 3 arrived and stood by as a FAST as units knocked most of the fire down. R-581 was put to work shortly after to open up and hit hot spots. Units returned to Washingtonville within 3 hours.




Tuesday, June 21, 2016   Just after 3:00 am units from Monroe FD were dispatched to a house on fire on Clarke Street in the village of Monroe. Units arrived to a 2.5 story house with fire showing from side 1 and quickly requested the 2nd alarm which brought R-581 as the FAST. Car 3 (Bates) and R-581 responded within 3 minutes with 7 men. The FAST arrived to find the main body of fire knocked down and set up on side 1. Command requested the FAST split with 3 members reporting to the 2nd floor to open up, while 4 members maintained a FAST presence. Eventually the entire crew was put to work opening up the 2nd floor and hitting hot spots. The crew returned to Washingtonville in just over 2 hours.




Friday, June 17, 2016   At 3:00 pm units from Washingtonville were dispatched to the area of Round Hill School for a head on MVA. As Car 2 (Hearn) called responding OC911 advised they were now receiving reports of a subject trapped and unconscious in the vehicle. Car 2 arrived on scene and confirmed a head on MVA with 1 subject trapped in the vehicle. Car 3 and R-581 arrived and began the extrication by removing the driver's side door and then performing a dash roll to free the patient. E-582 stood by on scene with a hoseline. SMFD responded with E-549 to establish a landing zone at the school as well as R-561 to assist with the extrication. The patient was removed from the vehicle within 18 minutes of the rescue's arrival. The patient was turned over to BGVAC and LifeNet for transport.




Sunday, June 12, 2016   Just after 1930 the Vails Gate Fire Department was dispatched to Forest Glen in the town of New Windsor for a reported house on fire. Units from VGFD arrived to find a 2 story private house well involved. R-581 and car (Hearn) were on the road in under 1 minute from dispatch as the FAST. Units from Vails Gate began to knock down the fire with master streams. Once the bulk of the fire was knocked down units entered the rear of the house to complete over haul. 2 members from R-581 were used to assist while a FAST of 5 members remained assembled on side 1. Washingtonville units returned to the village approximately 1.5 hours later.




Sunday, June 12, 2016   Sunday morning at 0214 Orange County 911 began receiving reports of a house on fire on Rt. 208 north of the village of Washingtonville. Car 3 (Bates) arrived and reported a 2 story private house with fire showing from 2 floors in the rear and requested a 2nd alarm. Car 1 (Skelly) arrived just before E-584 and assumed command. The crew from E-584 (6) split with 2 members performing a primary search and 3 members getting an 1.75" line in place. The crew stretched their line in the front door and began to knock the large volume of fire on the first floor. T-579 arrived and also split their crew. 2 members began to place ground ladder and 2 members stretched a back up line, due to the fact that primary searches were negative and the resident was reporting all occupants outside. T-579 stretched their 1.75" line to the 2nd floor and knocked down all visible fire. Once the visible fire was knocked down on both floors members on 2nd floor still found heavy smoke and high heat conditions. Fire was found in the knee walls and ceilings behind the lathe and plaster. Multiple mutual aid crews were used to open up inside and to cut the roof. Departments who assisted on scene were Salisbury Mills, Maybrook, Goshen, Chester, Vails Gate, Montgomery and Coldenham. Campbell Hall Fire Department established a near by water supply and South Blooming Grove and Cornwall were on stand by in Washingtonville. Units remained on scene throughout the early morning assisting investigators and opening up to check for hot spots. There were 3 minor injuries to firefighters. They were treated on scene and were not transported.




Thursday, May 26, 2016   Just after 2:30 pm units from Salisbury Mills and Washingtonville E-580 were alerted for "smoke coming from a house" in the Mountain Lodge Park community. As units were responding PD arrived and reported a working house fire. SMFD car 1 arrived and advised of a 1 story 20x30 residence with fire showing and requested the 2nd alarm.  The house was situated at the end of one of the trail like roads in Mountain Lodge making access difficult. In coming units utilized 2 separate trails to get to the fire building. E-580 arrived as the second due engine and stretched a line to side 4 of the well involved house. TA-577 responded on the second alarm and supplied SMFD E-546 (first due engine). Units remained on scene for just under 1.5 hours before returning to Washingtonville.




Wednesday, May 4, 2016   At approximately 1620 hours Orange County 911 began receiving calls of a "structure fire" on Heard Road in the Tomahawk Lake area of the town of Blooming Grove. Conflicting reports were being received as to whether it was a residential fire or a shed on fire. Car 1 (Skelly) and Car 3 (Bates) along with E-584 and T-579 were responding within 3 minutes. Updated reports were received that this was a shed fire that has extended into a residence. Upon arrival of Car 1 he found a well involved shed with extension to the first and second floor of the residence. A 2nd alarm was transmitted for box 49-40. Upon arrival of E-584 they stretched a line and split their crew with 3 members getting the line into position and 2 members performing a primary search of the residence. Fire was found consuming the first floor living room and part of the dining room. T-579 arrived and placed multiple ground ladders and proceeded to the 2nd floor to search. Units on the 2nd floor found minimal extension. SMFD TA-557 arrived, stretched a back up line and assisted with opening up. Units remained on scene for just under 2 hours assisting investigators and hitting hot spots.

Additional units that responded: Washingtonville E-580, TA-577, R-581, Woodbury (FAST), SBGFD E-587, Chester E-914, SMFD TA-547, Campbell Hall E-903 (fill site), Goshen TA-935.

Thanks to Vails Gate and Monroe FD's for standing by while our units operated on scene.


Photo by Orange and Rockland Fire FB

Photo by Orange and Rockland Fire FB


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