Friday, May 22, 2015   At just before 0700 units from Chester were dispatched to the area of 17M in their district for a reported structure fire. Chester Car 1 arrived to find a veterinarian's office with fire showing and requested the 2nd alarm. Washingtonville T-579 was dispatched as part of the 2nd alarm and arrived as the first due truck. T-579 split crews with 2 members heading to the roof to vent up and 3 members heading to the interior to search and open up. Crews encountered a large body of fire and advanced through the structure extinguishing the same. Units remained on scene for over 2 hours performing over haul.




Sunday, April 12, 2015  Just after 6 pm units from Florida and surrounding departments were dispatched for a car on fire inside of the garage of a large house in the North Gate community. Units responding on the initial run reported a column of smoke visible while still a distance away. 2nd and 3rd alarms were quickly called due to the lack of hydrants in the area and the need for multiple tankers. Washingtonville FAST was special called shortly after the 3rd alarm, as the original FAST was being put to work. Car 2, Car 3 and R-581 were on the road in under 2 minutes. Washingtonville units arrived to find all unit heavily engaged and in the process of transitioning to an exterior, defensive position. Crews had a large body of fire in a house that appeared to be well over 3000 sq feet. The crew of R-581 set up on side 1 while cars 2 and 3 assisted with exterior line placement around the house. Units from Washingtonville remained on scene for approximately 4 hours.




Thursday, April 2, 2015   In the late afternoon hours of Thursday April 2 units from the Warwick Fire Department were dispatched to an automatic alarm at a large lumber yard off of Kings Highway. Upon arrival of Warwick units they found 3 buildings well involved and fire quickly traveling to additional exposures. Just after 6 pm Washingtonville TA-577 and Car 2 (Hearn) responded to this fire which eventually grew to 7 alarms. TA-577 supplied multiple tanks of water to the scene and remained on scene into Friday morning at 7 am. Car 2 assisted with many functions on scene including leading a crew to shut down a gas valve.

On Friday morning shortly after the return of TA-577, M-578 loaded up and headed to the village of Kiryas Joel for their annual "bread burning" which is a religious custom prior to the start of Passover. 578 handled 13 runs while in the village and returned to Washingtonville just before 2 pm. During this detail E-584 and Car 2 also handled a gas leak in a residence in the village of Washingtonville.

Later in the day activity picked up again in the Monroe area with Monroe firefighters responding to back to back working residential fires. The 2nd of such fires was a working trailer home. Monroe car 1 arrived on scene and found fire showing and conflicting reports on whether occupants were accounted for. R-581 and Car 2 were dispatched on this run as the FAST and were on the road in under 2 minutes. The crew from R-581 arrived and ensured egress points were made for crews operating on the interior and maintained the FAST for approximately 30 minutes. Washingtonville Car 2 was given the role of safety chief. Luckily all occupants had made it out of the residence prior to the arrival of fire department units.

Chief Hearn leads crew to shut gas

Chief Hearn leads crew to shut gas

Monroe 4-3-15

Monroe 4-3-15



Saturday, February 28, 2015   Just after 0430 Woodbury units were dispatched to a reported house fire on Summit Ave just off of Rt 32. Woodbury units arrived to find a large private house with smoke showing. Washingtonville R-581 was dispatched as the FAST on the working fire. R-581 and Car 2 (Hearn) were on the road in under 3 minutes. R-581 arrived as the first mutual aid company and were immediately put to work as a truck company and an additional FAST was requested. Car 2 and R-581's crew found fire on the 2nd floor and a large amount of fire in the attic. Crews from Woodbury, Monroe, Washingtonville and West Point operated on the 2nd floor and the attic early on. Members made multiple attempts to knock the fire in attic but were unsuccessful due to very limited access and high heat in the large open attic space. A decision was made to go to an exterior attack due to the collapse of the roof into the attic. Units operated from the outside for a short period of time prior to re-entering the structure to hit hot spots. The crew remained on scene for over 3 hours. TA-577 was also assigned on the 2nd alarm due to frozen hydrants in the area.




Tuesday, February 3, 2015   For the second time in as many days Washingtonville R-581 as the FAST responded to a multi-alarm fire in the county. Just before 12:30 Maybrook FD was dispatched to the Taylor recycling facility for a report of "cardboard burning in the building." As Maybrook Car 1 called responding he reported a large amount of smoke from a distance and requested the 1st alarm be filled. Washingtonville R-581 was dispatched on the 1st alarm as the FAST. R-581 and Car 3 responded almost immediately as units were clearing a property damage MVA in our district. While responding smoke was visible for miles away. Upon arrival a 200' x 50' metal warehouse was found to be well involved. R-581 was relieved as the FAST and put to work within the first 10 minutes on scene. The crew found 2 rooms on the second floor of the warehouse with fire showing from them. R-581's crew along with a line crew from Maybrook E-210 made a quick knock on these 2 rooms. Shortly after this operations advised that R-581 was once again needed to be an additional FAST unit on side 3. The crew retrieved all the FAST equipment and set up on side 3. Units remained on scene into the late afternoon. 

*This same building was the scene of a similar 3rd alarm fire in June of last year.

Photo courtesy of Maybrook FD FaceBook

Photo courtesy of Maybrook FD FaceBook

Photo courtesy of Maybrook FD FaceBook

Photo courtesy of Maybrook FD FaceBook



Photo courtesy of Alert Page's FaceBook

Photo courtesy of Alert Page's FaceBook

Monday, February 2, 2015   At approximately 09:40 Monroe FD was dispatched to a reported house fire on Center Hill Road. Heavy snow had been falling since the night before making road conditions difficult. Upon arrival of Monroe Car 3 he found a working fire and requested a 2nd alarm. Shortly after a tanker task force was requested and TA-577 was dispatched. Washingtonville TA-577 and Car 3 were on the road within 2 minutes. Upon arrival of Washingtonville units fire was venting from the 1st and 2nd floors. Command requested an additional FAST unit and R-581 was dispatched as the FAST. The crew from TA-577 maintained a FAST unit on side 1 until the arrival of R-581. The Washingtonville crews were rotated through and assisted in opening up and checking for extension. All units returned to quarters within 2 hours.




Sunday, January 18, 2015  At 9:19 am on Sunday, January 18, 2015, the Washingtonville Fire Department was dispatched to a report of a motor vehicle collision on State Route 94 west of Oxford Road in the Town of Blooming Grove. Weather conditions at the time were rain/sleet mix. Road conditions were dangerous due to severe black ice.

At approximately 9:25 am, Washingtonville Fire Department Engine 583, traveling at an extremely slow speed, due to icy conditions, slid into a rock wall, then continued to slide approximately 300' to the other side of the road, striking a civilian vehicle that was in the original accident, and then a Blooming Grove Police Department vehicle.

Six firefighters were injured in the collision and transported to Orange Regional Medical center and Saint Luke's Hospital in Newburgh. All six firefighters were treated and released.

The operator of the civilian vehicle was transported to Orange Regional Medical Center with injuries from the original accident.

Asst. Chief Gary Hearn




Monday, January 12, 2015   At approximately 8:30 this morning the Washingtonville Fire Department was alerted to an MVA on Route 208. En-route units were updated by BG Medic 491 that one person was trapped in the vehicle with minor injures. Upon arrival, units removed the passenger side door and assisted EMS with patient packaging. The victim was extricated in under 10 minutes. R-581, E-583 and Car 1 remained on scene until the tow company arrived. All units were clear in under an hour.




Friday, January 9, 2015   Just before 1:30 am units from Salisbury Mills were dispatched to a reported house on fire on Willow Ave in Beaver Dam section of their district. Orange County 911 reported numerous calls being received reporting a working a fire. SMFD Car 1 arrived to find a well involved house fire and immediately requested a 2nd alarm. Washingtonville E-583 and TA-577 were dispatched and were on the road in under 3 minutes. Units arrived to find an approximately 60x30, 2 story private house with a large volume of fire from both floors. Command ordered an exterior attack due to advanced fire conditions. Units from Salisbury Mills and Washingtonville stretched 3 hand lines and knocked down the bulk of the fire. Once the main body of fire was knocked units proceeded to enter the residence to open up and hit hot spots. Washingtonville units were on scene for over 3 hours.




Thursday, January 1, 2015   Just 2 hours into the new year Washingtonville firefighters were alerted to "assist PD with a pole down" in the area of Oxford Rd and Rt 94. As Car 2 (Hearn) arrived on scene he found a utility pole across the road and a vehicle over the guard rail and into the woods. Upon further size up it was found that the occupant of the vehicle was still in the driver's seat and was unable to get out. R-581 arrived and used the Grip Hoist system to stabilize the vehicle prior to removing the occupant. The vehicle was on a steep hill and was unstable. Crews used a chainsaw to remove trees blocking access to the occupant as well. The subject was removed and turned over to awaiting EMS and PD units in under 20 minutes. Units remained on scene for about 2 hours awaiting the tow company and utility company to remove the vehicle and pole. 

This was the 8th call for service within 22 hours for Washingtonville firefighters. In these 8 calls were 2 mutual aid calls for working fires and a stand by request in the city of Long Beach (Long Island, NY) while their members attended a LODD funeral.



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