Friday, April 22, 2016   Shortly before 1100 Orange 911 began receiving multiple calls for a house on fire on Whitetail Run in the Chester Fire District. Washingtonville R-581 was dispatched as the FAST on the 1st alarm. Car 2 (Hearn), Car 3 (Bates) and R-581 responded within 3 minutes. Washingtonville Car 3 arrived on scene first and found a large single family home with fire showing from the attic, a second alarm was sounded which also brought Washingtonville TA577. Units from South Blooming Grove, Chester and Washingtonville made entry and began to know down the fire, but were quickly evacuated from the residence due to part of the roof starting to collapse. A tower ladder was set up and knocked down the main body of fire. Once the main fire was knocked down units went interior once again, opening up and hitting hot spots. The units from Washingtonville remained on scene for over 2 hours.




Thursday, March 31, 2016   Shortly before 1:30 pm units from the village of Kiryas Joel were dispatched for a "working chimney fire." Upon arrival of KJFD they found a working fire in a large 3 story multiple dwelling. A 2nd alarm was requested bring Washingtonville R-581 as the FAST. R-581 and Car 3 (Bates) responded with 7 members. Upon arrival the crew was put to work quickly and an additional FAST was requested. The crew from R-581 spit with 3 members stretching a line into floor 1 and 4 members performing a search. Units from Woodbury and Monroe had a large volume of fire in the basement and were forced to withdraw. Shortly after, all units were withdrawn from the building and a defensive attack commenced. The crews from Washingtonville operated a 2.5" line on side 1 and a 1.75" line on side 2. The crew from Washingtonville remained on scene for just over 3 hours before returning.




Friday, March 11, 2016   Just before 11:30 am units from Kiryas Joel FD arrived to a working fire in a multi-family 3 story apartment building. A 2nd alarm was requesting bringing R-581 as the FAST along with multiple other units in the 5th battalion. R-581 was on the road with 7 members within 3 minutes. R-581 arrived and set up on side 1 as it appeared the fire was knocked down. Shortly after unit found fire running the attic space as well as in the exposure 2 building. The Rescue's crew was split with 4 members remaining as FAST and 3 members heading inside to open up. The inside team eventually made it to the roof where the cut a large hole and opened up checking for further extension into the roof. The crew remained on scene for just under 2 hours before returning to Washingtonville.

Pic courtesy of Orange and Rockland (Facebook)

Pic courtesy of Orange and Rockland



Pic from Orange and Rockland Fire Facebook

Pic from Orange and Rockland Fire

Tuesday, February 23, 2016   In the noon hour units from Washingtonville were dispatched to a toaster oven on fire inside a residence on Winchester Way in the village of Washingtonville. Lt. Hearn, who was in the area, arrived to find heavy smoke issuing from the residence and reported such on the radio. Car 1 (Skelly) arrived on scene, confirmed a working fire and requested mutual aid. The crew of E-584 split with one crew stretching a line through the front door and the second crew searching and opening up. The crew found fire consuming the kitchen and extending into the dining room. T-579 arrived and placed multiple ground ladders and completed a secondary search. Units from Washingtonville had the fire knocked down within 10 minutes. Mutual aid was released within 30 minutes and the Washingtonville units remained to assist investigators.




Friday, February 19, 2016   Yesterday we received this picture from our dealer, Neville, of our new E-580. It appears to be nearing completion. Members of our truck committee and Board of Fire Commissioners will be traveling to Louisiana in the beginning of March to review the finished product. We hope to have the rig here by mid-April.




Sunday, February 14, 2016  Units from Washingtonville were kept busy on Valentines Day with multiple runs. In the early afternoon units were dispatched to a trailer fire, which turned out to be mulch burning in front of the house, as well as a fire alarm with was a malfunctioning system.

Just before 4pm with temperatures hovering around 10 degrees and wind gusts over 25 mph units were dispatched to a brush fire on Woodcock Mountain Road. As M-578 and all 3 chiefs approached the area a large amount of smoke could be seen. M-578 arrived first and reported a large area of brush and numerous autos burning in the area of Woodcock Auto Body. They also reported the fire was quickly approaching a barn. Mutual aid was requested from Salisbury Mills, SBG and Cornwall. Luckily just as units began to arrive the wind shifted and prevented the brush fire from spreading any further. Units from SBG and Cornwall were canceled and the fire extinguished using 2 engines, 2 tankers and 3 brush units.

As units were picking up from the brush fire Campbell Hall FD was dispatched for a house fire on Rt 208. R-581 was dispatched on the 1st alarm as the FAST. Maybrook Car 1 arrived and reported a working fire with an occupant possibly still inside. R-581 arrived on scene and placed ladders and checked for extension on the 2nd floor. The fire was quickly contained to a crawl space under the kitchen of a first floor apartment and R-581 returned to service within an hour.




Saturday, February 13, 2016   In the early morning hours South Blooming Grove and Salisbury Mills units were dispatched to a house fire in the area of 61 Round Hill Road. Salisbury Mills Car 2 arrived with a working fire and a corrected address on Helms Hill Road placing it in the Washingtonville Fire District. Our units were immediately dispatched and within minutes Car 3 (Bates) was on scene and requested a 2nd alarm due to a well advanced fire in an attached garage, Car 2 (Hearn) arrived and assumed command while car 3 had operations. Units from SBG and SMFD arrived next and stretched lines to the garage and into the house. E-584 and T-579 arrived to complete searches and assist with opening up. Units from all 3 departments were able to keep the bulk of the fire in the garage area with minimal extension into the house. Units remained on scene for over 2 hours assisting investigators.




Wednesday, February 10, 2016  Shortly after 11 pm units from Vails Gate FD were dispatched to Silver Stream Road for a reported house on fire. VGFD units arrived to find a vacant house well involved. Washingtonville R-581 and Car 2 (Hearn) were dispatched as the FAST. Units from Washingtonville arrived and stoof by as the FAST for just over one hour before returning to service.




Monday, February 8, 2016   Just after 4:30 am units from Woodbury were once again dispatched for a reported house on fire. This time the fire was on Pearce Drive. Woodbury Car 3 arrived to find a 2.5 story wood frame well involved and requested the 2nd alarm, bringing Washingtonville R-581 as the FAST. Shortly after Woodbury's arrival the 2nd floor began to collapse causing units to take a defensive attack. Multiple hand lines and one master stream were used to knock down much of the fire. Once the main body of fire was knocked down units were able to enter to hit hot spots. The crew from R-581 assisted in opening up and remained on scene for over 2 hours.




Sunday, February 7, 2016   Just after 5 pm units from Woodbury were dispatched to Hazzard Lane for a reported house on fire. As Woodbury units checked up on the air they were advised of multiple calls being received and could see a column of smoke in the distance. Woodbury Car 1 requested a 2nd alarm which brought Washingtonville R-581 as the FAST. Washingtonville R-581 and the chiefs arrived with a crew of 9 and split up with 4 members remaining as FAST and the remainder stretching a line up a ground ladder to the 2nd floor. The crew extinguished the remainder of the fire on the 2nd floor and advanced to the attic where they also knocked the bulk of the fire. Units remained on scene for about 2 hours.



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