Saturday, April 5, 2014   On Friday night and Saturday morning 12 members of the department participated in a training class. The class was on our Thermal Imaging Cameras and was given by SAFE IR. The Friday night session was classroom material which lasted until 11 pm after being interrupted by a chimney fire. On Saturday morning the 12 members were instructed on the proper use of our thermal imaging camera during live burn evolutions at the Orange County Fire Training Center. A special thanks goes out to SAFE IR's instructor Bob Athanas who put together a very informative class. 




Thursday, March 27, 2014   Just before dawn an Asst Chief from a department in the Middletown area noticed a house on fire in the area of Dunderberg Road and Nininger Road,  while driving to work. Units from Monroe and Woodbury were dispatched and arrived to find a 1 story house with fire showing from side 1 and through the roof. Due to confusion on the original location the normally assigned FAST unit was on scene operating. Washingtonville FD was requested as the FAST unit and Car 1 and R-581 were on the road in 2 minutes. An aggressive attack was made and units from Monroe and Woodbury had the fire knocked down in a short time. Washingtonville units returned to service in under an hour.




Saturday, March 1, 2014   Just about 1630 members from Washingtonville had just finished cleaning up after the fire in Campbell Hall, units from Vails Gate were dispatched to a "deck fire" in an condo complex on Vails gate Heights Drive. Initial units reported that they had a working fire and it was more than a deck fire. Approximately 10 minutes later command special called Washingtonville's FAST as the initial FAST was being put to work for firefighting duties. Truck 579 along with Car 2 (Skelly) took in the run with 6 volunteers and was on the street in under 2 minutes.  As units entered the Vails Gate area a large column of smoke could be seen, as well as fire coming through the roof over the tree tops. The truck was able to navigate around some large diameter hose and a few engine companies to take a position on the 1/2 corner of the building. The crew was tasked with placing multiple ground ladders and was then directed to go to work with half the crew heading to the roof and the other half in to exposure 2 to open up and check for extension. The roof crew cut 2 holes in the roof of the exposure building as fire was still coming through the roof of the original fire building. The inside team found minimal extension in to the exposure thanks to the fire wall. T-597 and Car 2 remained on scene for just over an hour before returning to Washingtonville.


Truck 579 on the roof

Truck 579 on the roof



Saturday, March 1, 2014   Just before noon 6 members on E-583 headed out to do some driver training. While E-583 was on the far west end of our district Campbell Hall fire department was dispatched to a house fire in their area on Ivy Cliff Road. E-583 called in to dispatch, gave their location and requested to be placed on the run. CHFD Car 1 advised to have E-583 take in the run. E-583 arrived on scene within 2 minutes along with CHFD to a 2 story split with smoke showing. Upon entry into the house it was determined that the fire was in the basement where Collyer's Mansion conditions existed. While the line crew advanced down the stairs the search crew completed a primary, and then began to open up the garage door as well as to vent for the line. Crews from Washingtonville and Campbell Hall found a dead seated fire in a crawl space under the first floor and extinguished the same. Some extension was found in the floor of the first floor and units spent considerable time opening up. R-581 (FAST) and TA-577 were also on the run and R-581 placed multiple ground ladders and stood by as the FAST with 6 additional members. Units returned to service within 2 hours, but it wouldn't be long until Washingtonville firefighters were on their way to another fire.




Sunday, February 23, 2014  At 1430 units from Campbell Hal were dispatched to a chimney fire on Scotchtown Ave in their district. Washingtonville E-583 was placed on stand by in quarters as part of the first alarm response. Units from Campbell Hall arrived to find fire in the attic of a large single family residence. Multiple tankers were requested to scene initially. A short time later Washingtonville was requested for our FAST as well as our tanker. R-581 and TA-577 were on the road within a minute of dispatch. Washingtonville units arrived to find multiple mutual aid companies heavily engaged in battling fire in the attic. Units had 1 master stream in use upon R-581 arrival, which was quickly shut down with units re-entering the building. R-581 was quickly put to work and an additional FAST was requested due to the amount of opening which needed to be done. R-581's crew spent over an hour opening up the second floor to access hidden fire in the now collapsed truss roof as well as assisting investigators. Units from Washingtonville remained on scene for just over 2 hours before being released.




Thursday, January 2, 2014  At 15:50, the FAST team was dispatched on the initial assignment of a reported house fire in the Chester Fire District on Whitetail Run. Within minutes Rescue 581 was out the door with 6 men along with PD on scene advising smoke showing and active fire in the kitchen. Rescue 581 went on scene as first arriving with smoke showing from the rear of a 2 story private dwelling. The crew went to work as a truck company, gaining entry and beginning searches for the fire and conducting a primary search. The crew found fire burning in the walls of the kitchen with extension down into the basement and held the fire with a water can until the arrival of the first engine. Chester units arrived and quickly stretched a line into the upstairs and made a quick knock on the fire while R-581 continued to open up for the line crew. After extensive overhaul, command returned the crew. Tanker 577 responded on the 2nd alarm but was not utilized. The fire was one of the 5 runs on the day.




Wednesday, January 1, 2014  At 2030 on New Years Day Washingtonville firefighters were dispatched to Mockingbird Lane in the village for a reported house on fire. Upon arrival of Car 2 (Skelly) smoke was found coming from the house and a request for a FAST team was made. Upon further investigation it was determined that this was a significant fire and Asst Chief Skelly requested the dispatcher fill out the 2nd alarm. E-584 arrived and stretched the 200' preconnect and began to search for the fire. T-579 positioned on the 1/4 corner of the house and split their crew. The outside team placed over 116' of portable ladders while the inside team proceeded inside to begin a primary search. T-579's inside team entered through the open garage door and found fire in the ceiling in the garage. The crew opened up the ceiling and E-584 extinguished the visible fire. SMFD E-560 stretched an additional hand line and units began to open up the rest of the area. The bulk of the fire was found between the garage and 1st floor within the 4 side wall. Units from Washingtonville, Salisbury Mills and South Blooming Grove worked for just under an hour opening up and checking for hot spots. All units returned to service within 2 hours.

Photo by D. Sylvester

Photo by D. Sylvester

Photo by D. Sylvester

Photo by D. Sylvester



McLaughlin Way

McLaughlin Way

Wednesday, December 25, 2013  Christmas morning started early for Washingtonville firefighters with reports of a structure fire on Goshen Ave. just 3 minutes after midnight. Units arrived on scene with nothing evident and began to investigate. Upon speaking with the caller they reported a power outage with a smell of smoke inside the structure. Units searched and found no signs of fire and advised Orange and Rockland to respond.

Just before 1300 units were dispatched to McLaughlin Way in the village for a CO alarm sounding. Car 3 (Hearn) arrived and found over 200 ppm of CO on his meter. E-584 arrived and split its crew. The search crew made entry and found similar readings. All appliances were shut down and the gas secured to the building. EMS units transported 4 occupants of the residence with symptoms of CO poisoning. Once again O&R was requested to respond. Units returned to service in just over an hour.

To wrap things up for the day RE-583 took in a 1st alarm run to Salisbury Mills just minutes before 1800. RE-583 arrived on scene and was told to return to service by Salisbury Mills command.




Friday, December 13, 2013  Just after midnight Washingtonville firefighters were alerted for a reported house on fire on Barnes Road in the Tappan Hill neighborhood. Car 1 (Zaccaro) arrived on scene and reported smoke showing and reported this was an active fire. The Chief was met by the occupant of the house who reported all parties were out of the house and that she had discovered a fire in a down stairs bedroom. E-584 arrived and split its crew, an 1.75" line was quickly placed in service while the search team conducted a search of the fire floor. T-579 arrived and also split their crew, the outside team threw multiple ground ladders while the inside team conducted searches on the floor above the fire. The fire was knocked down in 5 minutes and no extension was found outside the fire room. Woodbury FAST and SBGFD E587 arrived on scene and stood fast but were released in a short time. Maybrook and Campbell Hall FD's were on stand by at Washingtonville's quarters during the incident.




Thursday, December 12, 2013  Shortly after 7 am Washingtonville RE-583 was alerted along with Salisbury Mills units to a house on fire with possible a person still inside on Hillside Trail in the Mountain Lodge section of Salisbury Mills. Upon arrival of SMFD Car 3 he reported fire showing from a 2 story residence and reported all occupants of the home had exited the building. SMFD E-546 arrived first and placed a line in service immediately. RE-583 and SMFD E-560 arrived together with Washingtonville's crew taking a line to side 2 and making an aggressive push. The crew from RE-583 Operated an 1.75" line as well as completing searches along the way. Crews remained on scene into the afternoon assisting the family as the residence was home to a firefighter from Mountain Lodge.



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