Friday, September 11, 2015   Shortly after 11am units from the Woodbury Fire Department were dispatched to a structure fire on Pleasant Drive. Upon Woodbury Car 1 calling responding 911 advised of multiple calls being received. Woodbury units arrived on scene to find a 2 story single family house with fire showing from the garage and extending quickly into the house. Woodbury Car 1 transmitted a 2nd alarm bringing R-581 as the FAST. R-581 and Car 3 (Bates) were responding in under 2 minutes and arrived as the first mutual aid unit. R-581's crew was requested to split with 4 members remaining as the FAST and 3 members reporting to the second floor to open up and complete a secondary search. Units from Washingtonville remained on scene for over 1.5 hours assisting Woodbury.

Conditions on arrival of Woodbury

Conditions on arrival of Woodbury



Saturday, August 15, 2015   On Saturday evening units from the Monroe area were sent to the area of Rt 17 and Rt 208 for a report of brush burning. As Monroe units responded they saw a large column of smoke visible from a distance that did not appear to be just brush burning. After some time units from Monroe and South Blooming Grove located a large vacant house well into the woods which was fully involved as well as a large area of brush burning. Washingtonville E-584 took in the run and assisted units on scene with a long stretch into the woods from the Rt 17 exit ramp. Units remained on the scene for over 2 hours hitting hot spots and extinguishing the brush fire.

Late Sunday night just before midnight Campbell Hall FD was alerted for a reported structure fire on Hamptonburgh Rd in their district. R-581 as the FAST responded as part of the first alarm. As CHFD car 2 arrived he found a large barn well involved and requested a 2nd alarm. T-579 responded as part of the second alarm. T-579 was able to navigate the tight driveway and set up their master stream on the 1/4 corner of the building. 12 members from Washingtonville remained on scene of this fire well into the early hours of Monday morning.

Hamptonburgh Road

Hamptonburgh Road

Hamptonburgh Road

Hamptonburgh Road



Sunday, August 2, 2015   At 0143 hours Washingtonville firefighters were alerted to a house fire on Bull Road in the New Windsor area of our district. Upon arrival of Car 2 (Hearn) he found a vacant 1.5 story house with heavy fire showing from all sides. E-584 stretched 2 1.75 handlines and knocked down all visible fire in 20 minutes. Units remained on scene for over 2 hours performing overhaul and assisting investigators. The fire is under investigation by the Orange County Fire Investigators and New Windsor PD. 




Thursday, July 23, 2015   Washingtonville firefighters were alerted at 2340 for a reported house on fire in the area of Round Hill Road and Prospect Road. Upon arrival of Car 1 (Skelly) a well advanced fire was found a 2.5 story wood frame house. Due to the house being vacant and it being a semi-secluded area the fire had already consumed much of the house. Car 1 ordered an exterior attack and sounded a 2nd alarm. E584's crew stretched (2) 2.5" hose lines to knock down the main body of fire and then reduced the lines down to 1.75" in order to mop up. The main body of fire was knocked down in under 15 minutes, however units remained on scene for over 2 hours attempting to reach hot spots inside of the now collapsed structure. 

Thanks to all the mutual aid units who operated on scene and stood by while we were tied up.




Sunday, July 12, 2015   At 8 pm Salisbury Mills Fire Dept. and Washingtonville TA-577 were dispatched for smoke in a residence off of Otterkill Road. TA-577, M-583, Car 1 and Car 3 were on the road in under 2 minutes. SMFD Car 1 arrived to find a one story private house with smoke showing from the roof. SMFD E-560 arrived and stretched a line and began to open up. SMFD E-549 arrived next and were sent to the roof. As units began to open up in side fire was found above the ceiling and below the roof. M-583 arrived and split their crew with 2 members to the interior and 2 members to the roof. The fire was knocked down within 15 minutes and crews returned to service within an hour.




Saturday, July 11, 2015   Shortly before 4 am Washingtonville firefighters were dispatched for a structure fire on Cherry Hill Road in the Tomahawk Lake area of Blooming Grove. Units arrived to find an electric outlet which had caught fire, but was now extinguished. The incident was quickly scaled back by Car 1 (Skelly) and units returned to service.

Just as most members were getting back to bed the department was dispatched once again for a structure fire on South Street in the village, with dispatch info of "caller reporting their neighbor's house is on fire." Car 3 (Bates) arrived to find a 2.5 story private house with fire showing from the first and second floors. A 2nd alarm was requested as units went to work attacking the fire. Crews from E-584 and T-579 made an aggressive push through the first floor and up the stairs to the second floor. The 2 crews had difficulty getting down the hallway on the 2nd floor and were backed down for a brief moment while a deck gun was used from 584 to knock back the large volume of fire on the 2nd floor. The 2 crews were joined by SMFD E-560 and SBGFD E-587 to knock down the remainder of the fire. Units remained on scene for extended period of time completing overhaul and assisting the fire investigators. 

Other mutual aid units on scene were SMFD T-558 and E-549, Vails Gate R480, Monroe E-536, Coldenham T-205 and Vails gate E-478 on stand by in Washingtonville.




Friday, May 22, 2015   At just before 0700 units from Chester were dispatched to the area of 17M in their district for a reported structure fire. Chester Car 1 arrived to find a veterinarian's office with fire showing and requested the 2nd alarm. Washingtonville T-579 was dispatched as part of the 2nd alarm and arrived as the first due truck. T-579 split crews with 2 members heading to the roof to vent up and 3 members heading to the interior to search and open up. Crews encountered a large body of fire and advanced through the structure extinguishing the same. Units remained on scene for over 2 hours performing over haul.




Sunday, April 12, 2015  Just after 6 pm units from Florida and surrounding departments were dispatched for a car on fire inside of the garage of a large house in the North Gate community. Units responding on the initial run reported a column of smoke visible while still a distance away. 2nd and 3rd alarms were quickly called due to the lack of hydrants in the area and the need for multiple tankers. Washingtonville FAST was special called shortly after the 3rd alarm, as the original FAST was being put to work. Car 2, Car 3 and R-581 were on the road in under 2 minutes. Washingtonville units arrived to find all unit heavily engaged and in the process of transitioning to an exterior, defensive position. Crews had a large body of fire in a house that appeared to be well over 3000 sq feet. The crew of R-581 set up on side 1 while cars 2 and 3 assisted with exterior line placement around the house. Units from Washingtonville remained on scene for approximately 4 hours.




Thursday, April 2, 2015   In the late afternoon hours of Thursday April 2 units from the Warwick Fire Department were dispatched to an automatic alarm at a large lumber yard off of Kings Highway. Upon arrival of Warwick units they found 3 buildings well involved and fire quickly traveling to additional exposures. Just after 6 pm Washingtonville TA-577 and Car 2 (Hearn) responded to this fire which eventually grew to 7 alarms. TA-577 supplied multiple tanks of water to the scene and remained on scene into Friday morning at 7 am. Car 2 assisted with many functions on scene including leading a crew to shut down a gas valve.

On Friday morning shortly after the return of TA-577, M-578 loaded up and headed to the village of Kiryas Joel for their annual "bread burning" which is a religious custom prior to the start of Passover. 578 handled 13 runs while in the village and returned to Washingtonville just before 2 pm. During this detail E-584 and Car 2 also handled a gas leak in a residence in the village of Washingtonville.

Later in the day activity picked up again in the Monroe area with Monroe firefighters responding to back to back working residential fires. The 2nd of such fires was a working trailer home. Monroe car 1 arrived on scene and found fire showing and conflicting reports on whether occupants were accounted for. R-581 and Car 2 were dispatched on this run as the FAST and were on the road in under 2 minutes. The crew from R-581 arrived and ensured egress points were made for crews operating on the interior and maintained the FAST for approximately 30 minutes. Washingtonville Car 2 was given the role of safety chief. Luckily all occupants had made it out of the residence prior to the arrival of fire department units.

Chief Hearn leads crew to shut gas

Chief Hearn leads crew to shut gas

Monroe 4-3-15

Monroe 4-3-15



Saturday, February 28, 2015   Just after 0430 Woodbury units were dispatched to a reported house fire on Summit Ave just off of Rt 32. Woodbury units arrived to find a large private house with smoke showing. Washingtonville R-581 was dispatched as the FAST on the working fire. R-581 and Car 2 (Hearn) were on the road in under 3 minutes. R-581 arrived as the first mutual aid company and were immediately put to work as a truck company and an additional FAST was requested. Car 2 and R-581's crew found fire on the 2nd floor and a large amount of fire in the attic. Crews from Woodbury, Monroe, Washingtonville and West Point operated on the 2nd floor and the attic early on. Members made multiple attempts to knock the fire in attic but were unsuccessful due to very limited access and high heat in the large open attic space. A decision was made to go to an exterior attack due to the collapse of the roof into the attic. Units operated from the outside for a short period of time prior to re-entering the structure to hit hot spots. The crew remained on scene for over 3 hours. TA-577 was also assigned on the 2nd alarm due to frozen hydrants in the area.



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